This course provides an undergraduate-level introduction to the field of digital humanities. Students will explore and analyze a wide range of digital humanities topics, debates, projects, and tools. Though no previous experience is necessary, students will be expected to learn basic mark-up languages and produce projects using digital tools and platforms. I want to emphasize that developing “expertise” is not the aim of this course. Rather, through collaboration and hands-on experimentation, students will gain a working knowledge of technical practices and strategies that will enable them to design and build digital projects that intersect with their own scholarly interests.

Course Objectives:                  

  • to provide students with an overview of the major conversations within digital humanities
  • to introduce students to foundational and state-of-the-art digital humanities tools for the analysis and archiving of texts, images, and sounds
  • to expose students to electronic literature (e-lit) and digital scholarship
  • to develop a basic fluency in various kinds of digital production