N. Urick. TLR #1. HTML.

Nick Urick

TLR #1


            For my unfamiliar DH tool, I chose to begin learning about HTML. At first I had literally no idea what HTML was, except for the fact it resides in web addresses, which tend to be something I use on a daily basis. I then learned that HTML stands for Hypertext Markup language. I found this through simply typing into google, “what is HTML.” This definition did not help much. After going through much more resources to help better understand HTML, I concluded it is a system or function to help (correctly) build web pages. I also found out that HTML is used for meaning, where as CSS is used for presentation. (html dog)

            The next part was the process of learning this tactic. Learning HTML, for me at least, came in two waves. The first time I attempted to learn HTML it was around 9pm, and I failed miserably. I think I was a little too tired and after about thirty minutes got up thinking to myself that I would never learn this function, internet tool, or whatever the hell is was. I also thought for a little that my laptop was too outdated to perform this function, which was nonsensical. I went back a few days later with a much different attitude, and at a much more appropriate time. First, as I stated before, I went to google and typed in “what is html.” I looked at the simple definitions from a few different links, which all seemed to reiterate the same definition. From there I went to our course blog and continued on to the TLR support link. Under there I saw four links. The one titled W3 Schools turned out to be more about CSS. I appreciated “What Beautiful HTML code looks like,” because it showed a great example of what HTML can provide for a user. The link titled HTML Help, at first, was just confusing to me. This would change later. Overall the absolute best and most helpful link was HTML Dog. This was because I was given step-by-step instructions on how to create proper HTML. I believe doing something in person, in some instances, can be much more helpful then simply reading how to do something. From here I did exactly as I was instructed with all eleven steps. It was very slow getting started with the first two stages, but after I got a feel for the programming, things went very smoothly. I was able to successfully follow almost every step (I did not do the image step) and received the same results as the guide showed. I did come across a few problems along the way, but these were mainly just typing errors that were easily fixed.

            Through the HTML Dog link, I was able to create a basic, yet my first, online web page. The results were actually pretty rewarding for someone whose greatest online achievement was creating a blog in a journalism class, which still sits in black and white. To be honest, at first I was fairly skeptical about this, especially with the first try. It may sound silly, but after completing each step I kept getting a feeling of, yeah, im actually doing something on the internet that doesn’t involve email, sports, social media, or flipboard. It was pretty rewarding. As far as plans for what I would like to accomplish next, well I don’t know. I’m not exactly sure what “next” is supposed to entail. I guess over time my final product would be something like the example of beautiful HTML.


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