TLR #1 Stephen Kelley

To put it simply, my experience with any sort of coding is kind of laughable. I’ve never been friendly with computers and my use of technology tends to be less than my peers. I’ve gotten multiple computers to crash and never start again and to this day I don’t know entirely how and my use of computers nowadays tends to be limited to my phone or using a library computer if I need to work on something, so understandably the concept of learning a kind of coding is a bit intimidating to me.

I took a year of C++ when I was in high school I think just because I thought it might be good to know. That and this was back during the days when I thought making video games might be a potential career for me to look into. My experience with C++ was an overall positive if forgettable one. I learned quite a bit and wasn’t bad at it, but I wasn’t good or interested enough to keep at it after that year ended.

During college I have often acknowledged that learning coding like HTML or Java would be very useful, but I have resisted until now. If I ever needed to do something involving HTML I would ask my roommate for help. However, now it looks as though there is no escape. I will have to learn HTML.

Ok, so it’s not that bad. I’ve been looking at the tutorials provided on the ENG435 page and it seems fairly simple so far. I’ve been messing around with HTML as I progress through the tutorial. I still need to play with it a bit more, but it seems much more simple than I first thought it would be. To go hand in hand with HTML, I’ve been looking at CSS as well. This seems a bit more difficult for me to grasp, though that could just be because I’ve spent more of my time so far messing with HTML. I’ve spent a bit of time looking around with CSS and I think with a bit more time I can get a better grasp of it.

I’m about to move onto the Intermediate tutorials for HTML and I’ll be going through those while reviewing the starting CSS ones. I’m not really sure what to expect, though it HTML and CSS are anything like C++, then I’m looking forward to things getting much, much more complex. With C++ I often would find my codes circling into infinite loops. I’m kind of hoping to not have to deal with that again in HTML, but who knows? For all I know I could send these new codes into infinite loops while thinking they are perfect.

Well, maybe it won’t be that bad. Like I said, I’ve gotten a few tutorials in and things are looking up a bit so far and I’m hoping to see them stay that way. I’ll be looking more into these tutorials for both HTML and CSS and hoping to gain a much better grasp of both codes in the next few weeks!


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