TLR 1 – Champ Dechsi

It’s kind of funny to remember how my elementary school taught us a bit of how to code and what HTML is. It was a designated class on learning how to use the computer, type, and even play games. Sadly I have forgotten most of the HTML coding that class taught me, so I’m pretty much starting from scratch on HTML coding.

What’s different this time around though is that CSS wasn’t taught to us in that elementary school class. I kind of had an aversion towards coding for a while so what I planned to do is take small steps between both HTML and CSS. However, after checking through the tutorials, I found out first-hand how tightly knitted the two forms of coding were.

But that doesn’t mean I knew how to weave both together in a proper fashion. I saw how similar both were but my practice of connecting them wasn’t pretty. When I know what the terms are for particular pieces of coding they tend to help me a lot, like for example “h1” is shorthand for “header 1”.

By example, using the CSS editor from the resources on this blog, I made a second header, colored it red, made another paragraph body, changed the font type and its size, while also making the first paragraph body a different font type. I don’t know where my fear of coding came from, but it was exciting to learn and create, even if simply, the guts behind the face of web pages.

Just from the small practicing I did, it looked like CSS was a lot easier to organize and format than HTML. I tried coding in font color for the HTML editor and ended up with… no color. It turns out the tag I typed was wrong and that I was missing a word! According to the W3Schools site, the font color tag has been obsoleted in HTML5 in favor of CSS, so I’m assuming I wasn’t the only one confused with this color thing.

But I’m only dipping a toe into this entire coding adventure. Just from the examples the editors provided, while the CSS example looks longer, it’s only longer because of the formatting. It’s all actually organized into small pieces in order to churn out a big body. It’s, pretty much, like Legos: Start with a small block to make bigger blocks and then one giant… thing, of any sort.

On the other hand, the HTML editor didn’t really start out with much. If the two go together hand in hand I’m assuming that HTML is the bigger vessel than CSS, so I consider HTML to be learner. I got lost with what to do in the HTML editor because, to be honest, I wasn’t sure with what to really add. All I did was change the color of the header before going back to the tutorials. It’s kind of funny to think about it since I immediately grasped how CSS organized its text and jumped right in to code, even if it was small.

So yeah, that was my experience with HTML and CSS. I’ll still take small steps, and my next adventure is seeing how to link web pages into the coding, and then afterwards seeing how to link HTML and CSS web pages together. If it turns out I can go faster then I’ll take that opportunity. So far it all looks fun!


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