TLR #1 Rachel Sadacca

         In Stephen Ramsay’s article, “On Building” he states his belief that digital humanities is about building things. I happen to agree with Ramsay that this is definitely part of what makes the field leading in innovation and creativity. Based on how we understand technologies and how they relate to people we are able to unveil a humanistic approach to the future only found in digital humanities.  The task I have chosen to learn more about is known as the “apple watch”. I am fascinated by how technology is constantly growing to adapt to make our lives less complicated and more controlled. The designers of apple have caught my attention since the very first apple Ipod came out when I was a teenager. Through the course of time and my own observation during the span of my life I have noticed that  there has been variations to this specific technology made to fit people’s lifestyles better. Living in the twenty first century it’s interesting to experience how technology grows and changes to adapt to the demands of our society. I was looking at my twitter feed when I came across a tweet with a link posted of an article explaining the new apple watch. I was instantly interested to learn more in order to not get left behind by the knowledge and technologies of our modern day world. I began reading as many articles on the new device as possible to broaden my understanding of what one should expect to receive from this new expansion. I decided it would be beneficial to find hashtags relating to the new technology in hopes to find more relatable information into the development of this structure. I taught it to myself by using the internet as a resource to learn. Certain websites helped me attain knowledge to educate myself further on the new product such as youtube, google and apple. A struggle I experienced during my learning process was the fact that, because the product has not been released yet information on its usage is rather limited. This did limit how much information I was able to attain through my search. However, I am sure when the item goes into stores it will provide people with directions built by people that understand the concept of digital humanities in which the product is explained thoroughly. From my research using online resources I was able to conclude a few interesting findings about the apple watch. Decisions put into this technology were purposefully created with reasoning to advance the role technology plays in society and to appeal in the humanistic approach of consumers. One choice in particular that struck me was the size of this apple watch and the reason behind that decision. I learned about how much more convenient this new product is because of its’ size and this choice apple made in creating a “watch” instead of a hand held device was quiet clever. I am excited to have found a relatable topic to Digital Humanities through the innovation of technology as it is growing in the market because it relates to the shared experiences we will encounter a week from now when it gets released in the market


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