TLR #2

My progress on learning HTML is, I guess, going slow. I’ve never been much for programming, I said that in my last TLR, and it hasn’t changed in the past week. I have been going over the tutorials for both HTML and CSS and while I am learning gradually, I find myself frequently going back to the tutorials in order to remind myself of something I have not completely grasped. Just like in my high school learning experience with C++, though I know the basics for HTML I find myself not always remembering what does what and when it should be used. Sure, I’m getting it slowly, but while I mess around with the tutorials and their suggestions it is proving to be irritating and probably something I’m not going to master anytime soon.

I have been looking at the tutorials provided on the ENGL 435 page to learn how to use HTML. I have been looking at the tutorials a couple times a week and trying to work with their suggestions on practicing, but my own inexperience with technology makes it difficult for me to always understand what it is that I am supposed to be doing. After the past week I have realized that I need to go over the tutorials one or two more times a week than I have been doing.

I have been focusing more on the HTML tutorials than anything, but I have also looked at the CSS tutorials since the two seem to go hand in hand. In my last Technical Learning Report I said that while HTML was being something of a pain to learn, I was getting it, gradually. I also said that CSS was being much more of a pain as it seemed more complicated. Over the past week little has changed. HTML is still an easier code to learn, at least for me, than CSS. Perhaps it is because I can grasp the content coding of HTML better than the presentation of CSS or maybe I just have not been looking at the tutorials enough. I admit that I have looked at, read, and practiced with the HTML materials than I have with the CSS ones, but still it feels like CSS is coming along much slower than it should. I am convinced that while I need to go over HTML more to look at the increasingly advanced material in the tutorials, with CSS I need to practice even more just to get to the point I am at now of grasping HTML. Again, I am still not sure just how much CSS should be learned in comparison to learning HTML, perhaps I shouldn’t bother with CSS as much as I am, but it seems that the two go hand in hand enough that I really should learn both at the same time as it would probably be more useful in the long run.

Overall, again, I am learning the codes bit by bit, it is simply taking longer than I wish it were. I will go over the tutorials further over the next week and see where I am by the time I make my next TLR.


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