TLR 2 – Champ Dechsi

I’m probably going to need more practice at this. What I thought was going to be relatively simple turned out excruciatingly difficult. Last week I opted to figure out how to link HTML and CSS documents together, and if I was able to get past that I would move on to linking a picture or something. I’ve been using w3schools as my main reference for practice and figuring things out, but I think I may have to do a lot more checking. It’s either that or I keep overthinking when I’m trying to practice.

It might be a mix of both, though. Eventually I linked an HTML and CSS document together through notepad (or, it looked like I did, at least). It’s great that there’s visual feedback with every change, but from what I’ve observed through anecdotes on Twitter, the feedback isn’t always readily apparent, especially when a large amount of coding is considered.

This week was a small, but great victory on my part. Hopefully linking a picture in the files should actually be incredibly simple, and then I’ll move on to creating a crude button that will link to another HTML page, or at least something along the lines of that.


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