CDechsi – TLR 3

For these past two weeks I’ve basically been making buttons and linking pages between each other. They seem like simple things to practice or do, but I’ve also been seeing if I can put something unique in each page, whether it’s embedding an image or a video, and while I can embed images, inputting video is giving me a bit of trouble.

I’ve been working slowly and simply because all of this is really cool. That’s kind of a bad thing because I have an addictive personality, so if I don’t work carefully there’s a chance I can completely forget time exists and work on something for long periods of time. I can’t do this because there’s plenty of other schoolwork I have to focus on more than this, so I’ve been putting at least an hour per day practicing coding.

I’m checking to see if I could possibly embed a Twitter feed or something on a specific page. I don’t know how hard this will be but I’ve been interested in doing something like this. If it’s too hard I’ll see what else I can do, maybe practice some formatting. The possibilities are endless!

– Champ


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