TLR#3 Asia W.

Using I practiced producing a story. Previously, I had difficulty getting my sprite to move. In my story it was important that the main character could complete different actions. After watching several tutorials, I successfully made my sprite move forward, spin, change color, dance, follow the mouse, glide, and jump. With the ability to perform these actions my sprite appeared to be interacting directly with the other components of my story.

For my story I first selected a backdrop. Creating a setting was simple. Second, I added sprites. I made two main characters. Adding dialogue to the story was more difficult than I expected it to be. I had to program the dialogue is such a way that made the two sprites to speak at the proper times. I had to properly time all of the calls and responses of both characters in order for the conversation to make sense.

After, producing a successful story, I attempted to create a simple game. I modeled my game after capture the flag. The goal of my game is for the football player to get the flag at the opposite end of the field without being touched by the football player moving in the center of the field. This is an instance when the tutorial for getting a sprite to follow the mouse came in handy. The player was able to control my football player, wherever the mouse was moved the football player went. The other football player was not controlled by the player. In the script for the game I made it so that this football player was in constant motion moving up and down the center of the field.

The website I have been using provide paint editor tips. I decided to improve my own digital artistic abilities by checking them out. From the tips I learned to make my pencil lines more smoother. In learning this I drew more natural looking settings for my story. I also learned how to edit several shapes at the same time. This allowed for more cohesive images in my game. In addition, I was learned to layer my images and in doing so created objects and settings that looked more natural together.

I still have difficulty with design. Being that my artistic abilities off of the computer are relatively non-existent I don’t expect my skill in painting on the computer to improve drastically. Using this website I have however successfully created simple shapes and figures.

I have improved greatly in understanding positioning and how my directions in a script will affect how and where a sprite will move. It still takes me several tries to properly graph and control the movement of images. The end product thus far has been adequate. I would like to produce more advanced and detailed stories and games. I’m sure in time that will occur with the development of my ability to animate.

I like scratch because it was developed for children. This is the simplest visual programming platform that  I have come across. The step by step tutorials make the skills easy and quick to pick up and develop. The most a person needs to bring to the table with this website is creativity and an open mind.


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