TLR #4 Corey Kirk

The last few weeks have been an up and down, roller coaster ride for learning. There were successes and failures, but I think that I’m learning more about code while trying to learn about Python. Here’s the thing though; Coding in Python is a LOT more time consuming and requires a ton of logical thinking. When I was first learning HTML and CSS, I thought those languages were complex. Now that I have seen Python, it makes web-based coding seem easier. Of course it isn’t, considering that it took me ages to actually learn how to code websites properly.  However, Python has a lot more things I have to remember when coding. It is almost as if I need to actually think like a computer in order to get a working piece of code. For example, in Codecademy (I ended up going back to that after I learned the basics from my book) there is a section where it wants you to try to make a simple set of actions. The slightly famous “Hello World” script. Now coding that wasn’t the problem. The real problem was when it wanted me to have it pop up after I typed a command. I had such a hard time with this. I don’t know if it was my computer not running the site correctly, or if I was just incompetent, but I had trouble getting it to work. This is the same problem I had when I first learned how to code in HTML. I couldn’t get images to work. I eventually found out that I needed the “” in order for it to display. My brain usually ignores “” so it was difficult for me.

I am learning a lot about coding and my own abilities to code. I think after I get the gist of Python, I may move into C++ as that, as I found out just a few weeks ago, is the standard in the video game industry.


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