Repeated use of has taught me to create even more advanced stories games and animations. On this site you can not only view and play with the stories, games, and animations of other users but you can look at the scripts that were implemented and make your own changes to them. Learning how others have made use of these tools in their everyday lives has inspired my own creativity.

I spent a lot of time developing my own electronic greeting cards. There were several subsequent benefits to learning this skill. Unlike a greeting card from the store, an e-greeting card that I have created is free. The entertainment value in the e-greeting card is equivalent if not greater than those that can be found on store shelves. This project required greater involvement and attention to detail. Making animations appear on the page of the e-card I wanted proved difficult at first. I learned to plan ahead. I was able to make the e-cars more personal using images I had taken myself and stored on my own computer.

I’m personally interested in poetry. In an attempt to see how these tools could benefit my poetry I played around with old poems of mine. I learned to make words appear one by one and animate those I wanted to emphasize. Timing the appearance of certain words and lines in the poems was the most difficult task. What animating words added to my poetry was a greater element of suspense. Because the poem did not immediately appear before the reader and instead it was fed to them at a pace that I chose I had even more control over my poems.

Sticking with developing my poetry, I attempted to incorporate sound to the animated poems. I was able to add low playing instruments in the background. Playing in sync with the music I recorded myself reading my poetry the way I wanted it to be heard. This development gave me a new appreciation for the tools on this website. Animating text helps convey meaning better than words on a blank page do. Allowing a reader to interact with that text helps them grasp the meaning.

I continued to learn how to animate different kinds of text. Making the visual animations cohesive with the sounds were difficult. Timing the recording of my voice with the appearance of words on the screen took a lot of patience. Often words wouldn’t appear until long after I had spoken them. At first I attempted to re record my own speech, when that failed I played with the timestamps on the word appearances. I was able to make my text appear at the will of the user. However, I could not make the voiceover match the text appearance while the user was in control. I would like to gain further control over the sound involved in my animations.

There are several obvious benefits to the visual manipulation of text. has allowed me to make my words even more influential by animating them.


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