CDechsi – TLR 4

I’m shifting gears this time around and going into video editing. Since I’m part of the interactive fiction group, some degree of animation and editing might be part of the project requirements. I have an Adobe Suite to utilize, so if I have to focus on animation or video editing I can do that on the fly.

But for this time around I’ll be focusing on what I did with video editing and Adobe Premiere, and right now is just a simple refresher. It’s been a while, so I practiced on fading in and out, panning, zooming in and out, and slowing down and speeding up a video. I also refreshed myself on recoloring, adding filters, sound adjusting, and playing different videos simultaneously on the same track.

It’s pretty fun to get back into video editing, and while I mentioned a lot of things, all that is, as far as I’m aware, editing stuff that beginner editors probably already know. Video editing is also somewhat more time consuming because there literally is some wait time to consider while compiling the video into a format appropriate for, say, YouTube. This wait time could range anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours.

However, while I did compile a small video at the end of my practicing and refreshing, it was very low quality so it didn’t take too long to finish, around 10 minutes. I’ll be checking how to incorporate these skills into an interactive fiction (hopefully it’ll be possible), but there’s always room for scenes when it comes to visuals… right?


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