Stephen Kelley TLR #4

Well it took me long enough, but I think I’m finally done with HTML and CSS, at least for now. It seems silly that I’ve stuck with only the two of them for so long, but I’m not exactly a computer person and I wanted to try and get those down as much as possible before moving on to something else. Either way, I went through the advanced tutorials for both HTML and CSS numerous times and while I don’t think I am exactly adept at either of them, I think I have learned quite a bit. I am hoping that what I have learned sticks with me, but just in case I’ll probably still practice with both codes a bit in my off time. I messed around with both of them enough to know that I am really not a fan of CSS and HTML is only better because it seems like it matters a bit more where it counts. I keep thinking back to learning C++ and I think that learning HTML has been a better experience over all than that has been, but CSS is still a mixed bag.

So with HTML and CSS finally (more or less) behind me, I decided to look into another programming language to try and learn. I decided to go with Java since that seems to be a fairly popular code to use. What the ultimate difference is on when you use one over the other I’m still not 100% sure, but I’m getting the gist. I briefly considered choosing Python over Java, but I know enough people who have taken the time out to learn Python to know that if I am going to learn it, I should probably save it for later.

So I started on the Java tutorials that I found online. My first impression: it feels like learning HTML all over again. In short, while I am getting the general feel for it, it’s still too unfamiliar for me to just jump right into. My first instinct when dealing with any kind of code nowadays is to think of it like it is HTML, which might be why my progress in CSS was so slow. In Java however, I feel like I need to just completely start from the beginning on my learning experience. I am looking at it with (sort of) a clean slate mindset and while I’m still not getting it as quickly as with HTML, I am messing around with Java and going through the basic tutorials enough that I think I will be able to make some progress on it pretty soon. If I keep up actually practicing with it and move on to the advanced tutorials faster than I did with HTML while keeping myself in the code more than a couple times a week then I think I’ll be able to make enough progress on Java to move onto something else by the end of the semester. A part of me still kind of hopes I’ll be able to learn Python for whatever reason, but I’m going to get through this first.


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