TLR #4 Front End Web Development (fewd)

Since my last TLR I have stepped up my resolve to learn fewd and my belief in the importance of computer literacy. While I was previously working on the “interactive web design” course Codecademy I have been enrolled in an online fewd course through Thinkful. Thinkful is one of the most budget friendly courses among a number of paid online courses. Its been so worth the investment. Every week i spend an hour on Google Hangout with mentor provided by Thinkful. My mentor’s name is Justin and he is a web developer who is currently working from the Philippines (I have the impression is moves around a lot). He has been a great resource, he helps me move past road blocks in my projects, teaches me best practices used by developers, and points me in the direction of the best online resources. Through Thinkful I am also connected to a community of similarly driven students and together we help solve problems that were having on projects. I think the community that the course provides helps keep me motivated to continue spending time (about 10-12 hours a week) learning fewd. Below are some examples of what I have learned so far:

Chrome developer tools are AMAZING and I never thought I would be using something called a “developer tool” or that listed “rapid prototyping” among its many uses. Am I worthy?

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.12.37 AM

Chrome Developer Tools allow you to see changes to a website’s code in real time. This can allow you to play with the look of a site such as the New York Times for shits and giggles, as you can see above. But it really comes in handy when your building your own site. It helps you quickly locate a problem or find a solution. You can even save changes directly to your local file after testing it out on chrome!

Below is a site that I am currently working on:

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.55.46 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.56.09 AM

I am working to replicate a site of a business called Karma. It is a still a work in progress. For example I have created borders around all the elements to help me better visualize how the elements interact with one another.

It feels good to have learned so much in three weeks but there is so much to the world of fewd.  I am hoping to complete my html unit soon so that I can move on to the javascript unit which I think will be really helpful for my final project. But there is so much to grasp with HTML and CSS so it may take me another week and a half.


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