TLR 5 Corey Kirk

Learning how to code in Python is a lot harder than I originally thought. I thought I would learn it just as fast as HTML but I’m just not. One of the main reasons for this is that I hit the part where I am supposed to know a little bit of math. I can barely pass the math classes that I am in now at school, let alone the stuff that I need to learn for the language. However, there is a bit of silver lining in it. Several people I know, including those who have actually made games that they have shown a conventions like PAX East, have offered to help me learn to program in Python. So whatever I can figure out, I will be able to go to them for additional explanation on how to actually create programs.

I am a bit surprised that what I have learn so far seems less practical for my purposes for this course. Sure, learning Python will help me make programs, but for the project we are working on in my group, and for any web based applications, my previous knowledge of HTML, CSS, and the little skills in JavaScript are helping a lot more. Although, that’s not to say that I don’t want to learn. I still want to get very good at Python so that I can move onto C++, which is the standard language for creating video games, which is my ultimate goal.

Since this is my final TLR for the semester, I will say this; this semester provided me with more understanding of code, but I gained an unmeasurable amount of knowledge about how code affects the world in which we find ourselves living day to day. I am grateful that I had an opportunity to take this class because it opened my viewpoint wider than it has ever been in the past.


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