Addison Slick TLR #Last

For my final trick, I will examine two of my current extracurricular DH projects.  The first is my personal website, and the second is the updating of my board games to be “not s***.”  I am using CSS for the former and Adobe Illustrator for the latter.

My website still somewhat nebulous in that it is unpublished (and on another computer — I’m on my tablet right now).  My ultimate goal is to host my own content on the site for free download to the public (you shouldn’t have to pay money for the crap I make), hopefully getting at least a few people to play them.  I’ve thought about trying to reformat them for the web, or even a desktop or mobile app, but I feel like the medium helps my intended metaphor so I’d rather keep them as they are for now.
I’ve also been using Illustrator to make custom graphics for the site to give it a more directed feel.  Because the medium I’ve used the most is board games, I want the site to have a feeling sort of like that.  Presently, my site’s pages are presented on a sort of banner made of generic game spaces.  I’m hoping to expand that theme into other elements of the CSS.

For my games, I’ve been trying to improve my narrative text and rework mechanics to make it more choice-based than the current edition.  Right now, they both feel a bit like Candy Land and that’s awful.  In the depression game, I’m changing the path choices to allow the player to skip and event to represent memory repression. I also want to change the dice mechanic to allow the player to choose between 2 outcomes; this not only gives players more control, but means that removing that control causes a greater panic and anxiety in the player later in the game.  It should be fun.

The games will be available as .pdfs on my site by [TBD].


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