TLR #5

So I don’t suppose looking at things like Homestuck counts as having made progress for a Technical Learning Report, does it? It’s the thing Addison mentioned when we first started the Interactive Fiction group, and while I can understand what he meant when he said that Homestuck is an example of interactive fiction, I doubt this is what we will end up trying to go for, at least I hope this isn’t what we are trying to achieve.

The interactive fiction idea we are going for seems more inline with the wikis that are made for basically every fandom in existence. I’ve been looking at wikis of things that are familiar to me such as Star Wars or Game of Thrones and it looks like every detail, major and minor, of these things gets recorded on these wikis and while you can change it at any time, if the information is inaccurate, someone else on the website is quick to come in and fix it. I mention all this as the idea that Addison and the rest of us discussed for interactive fiction is to create a wiki for a fictional world and  move backwards from there, so I just wanted to see and experiment a little with previously established wikis.

As for the coding which I have been doing this semester, I have been going over both HTML and CSS off and on over the past few weeks just to make sure I don’t forget everything I got out of going over them the first time (It’s only been a few years and I remember next to nothing about coding with C++). I think I’ll be establishing a consistent schedule to use both HTML and CSS once the semester is over, as I think that knowing both could be very useful in the future and one the semester is over I will have much more time to do with them as I wish. I mentioned in my last TLR that I had also started trying to learn Java just to add to a potential coding arsenal (I wish). Since my last TLR, while I have gone over some more Java related tutorials, I have not done as much with it as I had previously intended to. Due to the work over the past couple weeks, both in and out of school, my progress on Java has been very slow. Like with HTML and CSS, however, I intend to spend more time learning Java once the semester is over and I have a chance to breathe. The way that we are planning out the Interactive Fiction group project at the moment, it looks like I won’t need to use a lot of coding for that, at least not advanced coding. Even so, I would like to continue learning and practicing with these coding languages even after this class is finished. Though I had briefly considered trying to learn Python before this class had ended, the way it stands now it would probably be best to save that for much later.


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