TLR#5 Asia W

I have began to explore a new site called Moovly provides more animating options than scratch. Users can create animated videos, banner ads, presentations, infographics, e-cards, and videoclips.The purpose of the creations on this site are to demonstrate, explain, and/or entertain. That being said it appears that it will be of more assistance in our final group project.

When you begin you are offered a large library of  objects to animate. This tool has been much easier to use than scratch. Unfortunately, all of the features are not free to use. The tutorials available on the website helped me to present information in a fun way. I am given the option to begin from scratch, edit an existing animation, or duplicate one and edit the copy.

For our final project, we are working with a water bottle. I decided to take the image of a  bottle from the library and figure out all of the things I could make it do. It wasn’t necessary for me to understand graphing like with scratch instead I could use previously set directions to control my object’s movements.

After understanding how to make the generic bottle function I attempted to animate a water bottle more relatable to our project. I uploaded the image of an actual water bottle. More real than the sketch, it was also more difficult to animate. After trying various uploads I was able to work with the most flexible image.

Adding sound to the animation was more difficult. A library was not offered to me instead I had to use my own productions and downloads. Playing around with different sounds to see what was most appropriate for the animation I was developing was not difficult but time consuming. I suppose if I were to create the sounds myself I would have the ability to produce the most fitting sound.

Adjusting the timing of the appearance of the images and sound was much easier on Moovly. Instead of guessing I was able to see a storyboard of all of the things I created and could adjust the timeline according to how I wanted things to appear.

Scratch and Moovly are very similar platforms. Moovly is much more user friendly. The skill I developed on Scratch helped me to operate Moovly quickly but anything I didn’t understand how to do, a tutorial explained very comprehensibly how I should move forward. Unlike with scratch, the animations I create with Moovly will be easy to embed in our final project. Anything I create on Moovly can be downloaded to my personal computer and uploaded elsewhere.


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