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The Searchable History of Baltimore: After his death, UMBC professor and historian Joseph Arnold left behind an extensive text covering the history of Baltimore City from 1729-1920. This text has recently been donated to the Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery and is in the process of being digitized to ensure access to a wider audience. Our role in this digitization project entails tagging the text according to TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) guidelines. By making it possible to search for important persons, names, and dates, this project will provide scholars with a valuable research tool that can aid them in producing new scholarship about Baltimore’s rich and complex history. Our group finished tagging all of Chapter 1 for this project. The full-text is available in library at UMBC, and it will continue to be tagged up and digitized over the next few years.

U.Aircheck: U.Aircheck is a web-based project that aims to connect Maryland college radio stations and their listeners. The site provides forums for discussing timely issues in music and radio, information and links for individual stations, and profiles of Maryland college bands. Users also have the ability to locate and listen to every college radio station in the state via a unique digital tuner on the site. The primary function of this project is to build a strong college radio community in Maryland by encouraging collaboration and communication between different college radio stations and listeners. The site is up and running:

Plastic: The Deadliest Sea Monster: On May 2, 2015, “amphibious, human powered works of art” will compete for 14 miles on land and water along the shore of Baltimore’s Harbor in the Kinetic Sculpture Race. Our website serves as a companion to a kinetic sculpture being built by UMBC students. The UMBC sculpture explores the theme of sustainability and is intended to raise awareness about the catastrophic effects of plastic waste. Our interactive project allows those interested in the sculpture to gain a deeper understanding of the situation by providing striking facts and detailed information that (literally) illustrate why plastic is the deadliest sea monster to ever exist. To read more about the race go to: The website is in-progress:

Collaborative World-Building: This project explores the wiki as both a collaborative writing platform and an interactive text. Each member of this group will be composing an original short story that will be designed to intersect with the other stories in the fictive world represented by the wiki. The project uses the constraints of the wiki’s structure as a creative challenge and takes advantage of the affordances of digital media by incorporating audio and visual elements into the stories. To interact with our fictional world, go to:


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