Weekly Schedule


Week 1: Introductions

W August 27: Overview of course and assignments; create accounts for Twitter and Course Blog; Discussion Leader sign-ups.

Week 2: Origins, Definitions, Debates

M September 1: No Class—Labor Day [be sure to start reading early for Wednesday’s class]

W September 3:

Week 3: Building, Making, Productive Failure

M September 8: TWITTER STORIES DUE [post links to Storify on “Twitter Stories” page of course blog]

W September 10: TLR Post #1 Due

 Week 4: Diversity and Inclusion

 M September 15:

W September 17: TLR Post #2 Due

Week 5 & 6: Texts and Technologies

M September 22: Text Analysis

—Experiment with at least 2 text analysis tools (and post a link to one of your results on the Text Analysis page of the course blog):

W September 24: Text Encoding (TEI: Text Encoding Initiative)

M September 29: Data

 W October 1: Topic Modeling | TLR Post #3 Due

—Explore “The Networked Corpus” and read about the methods used to create it.

Week 7: Visualization & Mapping

 M October 6:

—Explore the Best Data Visualization Projects of 2013

W October 8:

—Learn about/explore these tools:

Week 8: Sounding the Humanities

M October 13:

—Listen to/Interact with Emily Thompson’s “The Roaring Twenties.”

—We will also be checking out the following projects together in class:

W October 15: Individual Analysis of DH Project Due; Presentations

Week 9 & 10: E-Lit and Digital Scholarship

M October 20: 

—Choose 1 E-Lit Project to read/interact with and be prepared to talk about your experience in class

W October 22: TLR Post #4 Due

M October 27:

  • Read/Interact with “Freedom’s Ring” Project
  • Read/Interact with Sharon Daniel’s “Public Secrets” [make sure to click “View Project” on the right side of the screen]

W October 29:

Week 11: Futures, Participation, Possibilities

M November 3:

W November 5: TLR Post #5 Due

  • Brainstorm Topics and Assign Teams for Collaborative Final Project

Week 12: Collaborative Project

M November 10: Team Meetings (outside of class) | “Plan of Action” Due

W November 12: Team Meetings (outside of class)

Week 13: Collaborative Project

M November 17: Project Workshop

W November 19: In-Process Project Drafts + Peer Feedback

Week 14: Collaborative Project

M November 24: Project Production + Troubleshooting

W November 26: No Class (Thanksgiving Travel Day)

[Thanksgiving Break: November 27-28]

Week 15: Collaborative Project

M December 1: Project Production + Troubleshooting

W December 3: Project Production + Troubleshooting

Week 16: DH Showcase!

M December 8: Final Projects Due + Team Presentations