Twitter Stories

Last week’s readings served as a broad introduction to the major topics, debates, organizations, conferences, and projects in digital humanities. This mini-assignment requires you to do a bit more research on something that caught your interest in the readings (1 of the DH topics, debates, organizations, conferences, or projects). Your task: using Storify, tell a particular story about your chosen area of interest. For example, you may choose to isolate a particular conversation thread on twitter that deals with data mining, or you might choose to highlight what you feel are the most illuminating tweets from one of the conferences or organizations you read about. The content of the story is up to you.

Here are some resources to help you learn how to use Storify (you can also find many additional videos/tutorials with a simple google search)

In sum, here is what you need to do:

  •  Choose a topic that gives you a lot of material to work with. In other words, if you search for “data visualization” in the Storify twitter search engine and you don’t get many results, try to add words or change your search a bit: “big data,” “big data and visualization,” “data visualization projects,” etc. Also, if you want to search for images or articles to supplement the tweets in your Storify story, you may do so.
  • Once you have the results, search through them and see if you can find an interesting story to tell. What seem like important ideas? Is there a particular aspect of the topic you’d like to highlight? Or, do you want to give more of an overview?
  •  Create your story by dragging and dropping the chosen tweets into your Storify timeline. You should include 10-15 items in your story.
  • Once you have all of the tweets you want in your timeline, you may change the order, add your own text/descriptions to shape the story, or delete tweets you decide you no longer want.
  • Finally, “publish” your story and provide a link to it by posting a comment on this page by the start of class on Monday, September 8.

Here is an example Storify I made about my own research interests (Sound in DH). Yours should look similar:


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